11 March, 2017

Jallikattu and the protest explained:

It has come to my attention that you feel this way. I am a stranger, but I am a fellow Indian, and as a fellow Indian, I don't feel like a stranger to try and educated you about Jalikattu.

Jallikattu is actually called "Eru thazhuvuthal" "Eru" being Bull and "Thazhuvuthal" refering to hugging. The people on the ground are meant to hold on to the hump of the animal and travel a distance of 30-40 feet. That's the sport. And only one person at a time can hold the animal at a given time, if two people do. They are disqualified. Hold any other part of the animal, disqualified. If the bull gets hurt, disqualified. If a drop of blood is shed from the bull, the whole game is disqualified and is heavily looked down upon as though a sin has been committed. Involuntarily, only the players get hurt during the game. The game is a sort of giving of wealth to the player or the animal that wins. It's a stretch of 50-100 meters where a bull runs and a few coins are tied to it's horn. If a player gets them, winner. As simple as that.

Now the age old tradition, our ancient civilisation has the mark of Jallikattu on them, futher proving that this sport has been conducted for thousands of years. Our ashoka chakra has the emblem of the bull without realising the state of the bulls in our country. We aren't asking you to lift the ban on Jallikattu because of the above mentioned reasons because it's the past. We are talking about the future. The future the media channels are afraid to convey to you my friend, fellow Indians of the North.

Now, the science behind Jallikattu. Let's face it bulls have no use in our world, they don't need to plough our soil, we don't need their manure. Practically useless. Jallikattu is conducted one day in a year, in order to encourage the farmers to raise a bull. Special treatment goes into raising a Jallikattu bull, they are given good quality nutrients which costs a farmer a lot. Yet he still does that. Why you would ask, BECAUSE he understands the corporate mafia behind this. You see these bulls are given voracious training since birth, the naturally ferocious ones are selected and since these have immense strength their progene is known to have the same qualities as well. So when reproduction does take place, the cows that are produced are rich in A2 type of milk. This is the milk that our forefathers have accustomed to have been drinking. While A1 milk that is easily available all over the world has defects. (Please read up about it to believe it.)

Another matter of the case is the decreasing number of domesticated breeds of bulls. It has significantly dropped but our government refuses to take a count of the same. Because of milk revolution. Jersey cows had been imported to India. Because Jersey cows gave twice the amount of milk in a shorter period of time people naturally shifted over to it. But the stigma in TN didn't allow most to shift. Laws were passed in Kerala that disallowed having your own domesticted bull. If you had to have one, it must have it's genetials cut off. This law still remains that has ensured that Kerala's domestic bulls extinct.
Let's go to Gujrat now. Gujrat's Nawab-King a few decades back "gifted" Ghir breeds to Brazil and we have come to a state where we have paid millions to get the 'Ghir' sperm to help our cows get inseminated BECAUSE these bulls are now extinct. This is the sad state of affairs.

If the so called NGOs that are potrayimg themselves to be animal lovers are concerned about the bulls and cows of our beautiful country, why haven't they adopted the ones we find on our roads. Do they not get hit by moving vehicles? Is that life not important enough? So yes. We are fighting for India, just that rest of India doesn't know about it. Because the so called 'national media' targets people who cannot speak Hindi/English fluently to the camera and the real science behind the protest isn't exposed. It became all about Tamil pride. Don't get me wrong, I am tamil and proud, but I am an Indian too.

Please PLEASE get full  information about something before influencing your opiniom onto others.

To simply call us barbaric and the sport too isn't fair. Please do understand the facts of the case. We have been conducting the protest in a peaceful manner without an untoward incident taking place, in such a way that our woman feel safe to sleep in pavements, beaches at night across the state. Despite coming out in huge number that too. From a state that moves according to political sways, the first time we have been witnessing such miraculous change. This is the reflection of our society and the reflection of our society tells you about our tradition and Jallikattu.

Don't get fooled by videos you see online. Anything can be staged. We see a million adult videos uploaded on the internet but we know where to draw a line between the reality and the untrue. However, I do not deny that at some parts of remote villages these incidents may have happened. I, at this point of juncture, would take the world of the farmer who caters to such bulls, due to the lack of subtantial and believable sources reporting from ground zero.

#SaveJallikattu #AmendPCA

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