11 March, 2017

Moviestars, Motivation and Madness.

We live in a country where the inspiration for youngsters is a  movie star. Following every move they make, every role they play, we mimic their actions, not realising that it's a fa├žade.

I was watching an Australian culinary competition when one participant mentioned, "The aura around him was like that of a movie star". This statement struck a chord with me. I could totally understand how this participant felt. After that moment had past, I felt shame.
We are so engrossed by a person playing another, someone whose identity we are actually not aware, someone whom we don't provide any privacy.

Ask any teenager who their "role model" is, inevitably it's a movie star. Don't get me wrong, I am not discouraging actors here, But we don't really follow the actor for the person who he or she is in real life, but the character one portrays in movies.

Why aren't our role models successful entrepreneurs or industry moguls, experienced social workers or honest politicians?

Why does it matter which actor was spotted with whom the previous night?
Why can't we see the actors for who they are off screen?

Take their struggle to stardom as inspiration.

They are humans too, your local police is your celebrity, the person who helped people cross road today is your celebrity, the one who did selfless deeds today, the one who donated blood, the one who saved a life, they are the celebrities.

Appreciate one and all.

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