11 March, 2017

Moviestars, Motivation and Madness.

We live in a country where the inspiration for youngsters is a  movie star. Following every move they make, every role they play, we mimic their actions, not realising that it's a façade.

I was watching an Australian culinary competition when one participant mentioned, "The aura around him was like that of a movie star". This statement struck a chord with me. I could totally understand how this participant felt. After that moment had past, I felt shame.
We are so engrossed by a person playing another, someone whose identity we are actually not aware, someone whom we don't provide any privacy.

Ask any teenager who their "role model" is, inevitably it's a movie star. Don't get me wrong, I am not discouraging actors here, But we don't really follow the actor for the person who he or she is in real life, but the character one portrays in movies.

Why aren't our role models successful entrepreneurs or industry moguls, experienced social workers or honest politicians?

Why does it matter which actor was spotted with whom the previous night?
Why can't we see the actors for who they are off screen?

Take their struggle to stardom as inspiration.

They are humans too, your local police is your celebrity, the person who helped people cross road today is your celebrity, the one who did selfless deeds today, the one who donated blood, the one who saved a life, they are the celebrities.

Appreciate one and all.

Jallikattu and the protest explained:

It has come to my attention that you feel this way. I am a stranger, but I am a fellow Indian, and as a fellow Indian, I don't feel like a stranger to try and educated you about Jalikattu.

Jallikattu is actually called "Eru thazhuvuthal" "Eru" being Bull and "Thazhuvuthal" refering to hugging. The people on the ground are meant to hold on to the hump of the animal and travel a distance of 30-40 feet. That's the sport. And only one person at a time can hold the animal at a given time, if two people do. They are disqualified. Hold any other part of the animal, disqualified. If the bull gets hurt, disqualified. If a drop of blood is shed from the bull, the whole game is disqualified and is heavily looked down upon as though a sin has been committed. Involuntarily, only the players get hurt during the game. The game is a sort of giving of wealth to the player or the animal that wins. It's a stretch of 50-100 meters where a bull runs and a few coins are tied to it's horn. If a player gets them, winner. As simple as that.

Now the age old tradition, our ancient civilisation has the mark of Jallikattu on them, futher proving that this sport has been conducted for thousands of years. Our ashoka chakra has the emblem of the bull without realising the state of the bulls in our country. We aren't asking you to lift the ban on Jallikattu because of the above mentioned reasons because it's the past. We are talking about the future. The future the media channels are afraid to convey to you my friend, fellow Indians of the North.

Now, the science behind Jallikattu. Let's face it bulls have no use in our world, they don't need to plough our soil, we don't need their manure. Practically useless. Jallikattu is conducted one day in a year, in order to encourage the farmers to raise a bull. Special treatment goes into raising a Jallikattu bull, they are given good quality nutrients which costs a farmer a lot. Yet he still does that. Why you would ask, BECAUSE he understands the corporate mafia behind this. You see these bulls are given voracious training since birth, the naturally ferocious ones are selected and since these have immense strength their progene is known to have the same qualities as well. So when reproduction does take place, the cows that are produced are rich in A2 type of milk. This is the milk that our forefathers have accustomed to have been drinking. While A1 milk that is easily available all over the world has defects. (Please read up about it to believe it.)

Another matter of the case is the decreasing number of domesticated breeds of bulls. It has significantly dropped but our government refuses to take a count of the same. Because of milk revolution. Jersey cows had been imported to India. Because Jersey cows gave twice the amount of milk in a shorter period of time people naturally shifted over to it. But the stigma in TN didn't allow most to shift. Laws were passed in Kerala that disallowed having your own domesticted bull. If you had to have one, it must have it's genetials cut off. This law still remains that has ensured that Kerala's domestic bulls extinct.
Let's go to Gujrat now. Gujrat's Nawab-King a few decades back "gifted" Ghir breeds to Brazil and we have come to a state where we have paid millions to get the 'Ghir' sperm to help our cows get inseminated BECAUSE these bulls are now extinct. This is the sad state of affairs.

If the so called NGOs that are potrayimg themselves to be animal lovers are concerned about the bulls and cows of our beautiful country, why haven't they adopted the ones we find on our roads. Do they not get hit by moving vehicles? Is that life not important enough? So yes. We are fighting for India, just that rest of India doesn't know about it. Because the so called 'national media' targets people who cannot speak Hindi/English fluently to the camera and the real science behind the protest isn't exposed. It became all about Tamil pride. Don't get me wrong, I am tamil and proud, but I am an Indian too.

Please PLEASE get full  information about something before influencing your opiniom onto others.

To simply call us barbaric and the sport too isn't fair. Please do understand the facts of the case. We have been conducting the protest in a peaceful manner without an untoward incident taking place, in such a way that our woman feel safe to sleep in pavements, beaches at night across the state. Despite coming out in huge number that too. From a state that moves according to political sways, the first time we have been witnessing such miraculous change. This is the reflection of our society and the reflection of our society tells you about our tradition and Jallikattu.

Don't get fooled by videos you see online. Anything can be staged. We see a million adult videos uploaded on the internet but we know where to draw a line between the reality and the untrue. However, I do not deny that at some parts of remote villages these incidents may have happened. I, at this point of juncture, would take the world of the farmer who caters to such bulls, due to the lack of subtantial and believable sources reporting from ground zero.

#SaveJallikattu #AmendPCA

07 May, 2016

TN Elections 2016. Whom to vote for?

Let's see this for what it is. A promise of mobile phone with 3G/4G, laptops and tablets should normally not excite one into voting for a party. This election where every party seems to have been taking the "Non Alcohol" route seems funny. Please change your party first before talking about the state. SUCH is the state of Tamil Nadu. When one is elected to power this term, we elect the other devil the next time, "Giving them a chance". This isn't about just one person. This is about a state, and how many chances we are willing to give.

I would like to appreciate the efforts of the TN election commission. There has not been a better way to popularise election and create a stir among the youth as they have. Kudos to their memes and bringing in celebrities to put their message forward. Everyone is powerless, but together we have the power to overthrow an empire.

I read some of the manifestos and highlights. I could not believe it, free internet to students? We can afford such things. Where we want the government to interfere is by providing jobs and proper housing facilities. When we are still begging around for basic necessities, we can live without the internet. NO THANK YOU.

There have been many on the fence about whom to vote for, this is our time. Decide for yourself. We don't want another flood situation. At least not me personally.
I URGE EVERY PERSON TO GO THROUGH THE MANIFESTOS OF THOSE CANDIDATES FROM WHOM YOU NEED TO VOTE FROM, INDIVIDUAL OR FROM A PARTY BEFORE VOTING. Spending a few minutes to change a few million people's fate for the next 5 years isn't such a bad thing.

Some of the other ridiculous ideas include :
- Tamil will be introduced as official language in Central Government offices too. ( With all due respects, this seems like an opportunity to create a war in the minds of those who are on the fence with Tamil not being recognised anywhere. Let's face the facts, the whole country is not going to change for us. Period. Let's go past this. I'm not ANTI TAMIL for saying this, but this is far fetched and will never be achieved. To make one understand better one can't get into Egypt one fine day and tell them to speak in Tamil. Won't happen.)
- Establishment of Anna Unavagam. ( Are you kidding me? Do you think the ones who the food is needed the most, cares the least about your political wars, he/she just wants food. Since there is an amma unavagam already, just change the name to Unavagam if you beg neutrality.)
- One lakh new jobs are going to be created every year. ( HOW, if this was complete as to how you are going to find who are the unemployed and does this mean that the jobs will be according to what the deserve or study, do the poorest get it first? How do you plan on implementing? Without these being answered, this just seems like another building of castles in the air.)
- New medical colleges in all districts ( Because Medical is the new Engineering, again will this be of a standard of the blunder we made in the name of Samachier Kalvi, where now no student kniws anything beyond those books?)
- Slums free Tamil Nadu (What plans after you remove people from the slums, give them better houses, That's not even mentioned.)
- Uninterrupted power supply. ( it's funny when manifestos have auch promises when means to achieve this isn't built.)
- Rs. 1 lakh for temples of local deities. (???)
- Free cell phones for all ration card holders. (If you could PROMISE us that our rations reach us properly we'd be happy, let alone phones.)
- 20% land on SME industrial parks will be reserved for SC/ST entrpreneurs.( So the problem with this is we still recognise SC/ST as the low income groups, when this changes, oh boy.)
-All ration card holders to get co-optex coupons worth Rs. 500 for Pongal festival. ( This is going to reach us, soon. For sure.)
- Free Wifi at public spaces. ( I appreciate this, but when we don't have free food, water, shelther or clothing for those who actually require it, what good is free wifi? We live in a third world country, let's not forget that.)
- Divide districts futher based on population. ( I have no idea where this is heading toward.)
- Omnipresence of tamils and blossoming of collective society, I'm afraid doesn't go hand in hand.

Some of the good policies:
- Rs. 40,000 crore loans for farmers in 2016-2021.
- Relief for fisherfolk to be increased to Rs. 5000.
- Separate housing for fisherfolk.
- Famers loans to be paid Cooperative banks completely waived off.
- Education loans of students who are still unemployed to be paid by the govt.
- Separate Agricultural Budget.
- TASMAC employees to be given alternative employment.
- Employment camps in all districts.
- First generation graduates to get first preference for government jobs.
- Revamp the current syllabus to CBSE standards or higher.
- Administration of Justice without political involvement.
- Priority to ancient Tamil sports.
- People's court formation.
- Establishing basic healthcare and access to all sections of the society.

One might ask who I am to say all this, I am no one, which makes me all the more powerful. I am one among millions wanting change, I am one among few bothering and believing it will be fulfilled. Everyone is entitled tot their opinion and I am not afraid to voice out mine

06 May, 2016

24. Comeback of sorts.

24 is a sci-fi thriller that dabbles time travelling  in way that's easily understandable.
This film is a comeback of sorts for Suriya who has given an outstanding performance without a doubt. Suriya's negative role gives us the chills.

24 is yet another film that talks about time travel, but what makes it standout is it's screenplay and entertaining cliffhangers. Credit has to be given the writer and director Vikram Kumar.

Notable performances have been given by Nithya Menen, Samantha, Saranya, Ajay and Girish Karnad.

Suriya plays three roles, one as Sethuram, the scientist who is the brother of Athreya, the second avatar and the last, Mani, son of Sethu.

The VFX and colour throughout the film was pleasing. Naan Un was a treat to watch.
Kaalam en Kadhali played games with our minds for the good reasons, while Mei Nigara captured the usual Tamil film's requirements.

The let down for the film was some of the scenes between Suriya and Samantha which could have been sliced by a few seconds to save the chemistry between the two.  A tad bit of emotional drama could have been avoided along with the line, "Naan oru watch mechanic. Idhu ellam ennaku sarva sadharanam". Just about 7-8 times lesser than we heard.

Logic flowed into every scene and none seemed unnecessary. A major plus for the film is the film's cinematography.

This film is going to inspire many to make their own "time travel watches". This can be a good thing too.

Value for money: 4.5/5 Sathyam popcorns and 180 Rupees.

19 April, 2016

20 different kinds of people on your Snapchat:

1. The one with an open heart : Someone who puts a story of everything dead, alive, barely living.

2. The one with the traveller: Someone who keeps posting videos and photos of them 'going places' with the speed-o-meter stamp.

3. The one with the socialite: Someone who meets everyone everyday.

4. The one with the party animal: Someone who constantly posts videos from parties and drunk night.

5. The one with the foodie: Someone who posts photos that makes you crave food in the middle of the night.

6. The one with the confusing life: Someone whose photos makes no sense what so ever.

7. The one with the filter checker: That one soul that checks out every filter before anyone else.

8. The one with the video manager: Someone who takes a video of everything.

9. The one with the laughter syndrome: The one whose video is of them laughing for god knows what reason.

10. The one with the time stamp-er : Person who displays utmost coolness by getting back home at 4 am.

 11. The one with house party : This calls for poker, game night, booze and videos of laughter.

12. The one with the sleepover: The retarded one at a sleepover covering everything that's happening.

13. The one with the artist: Someone who displays their daily artifact.

14. The one with the Nature enthusiast: Someone who captures only scenic beauty.

15. The one with your private everyday story: When your bestfriend sends you ugly selfies.

16. The one with the weirdness: Someone who scares you in the middle of the night with their weirdness.

17. The one with the movie: Someone who makes proper sense and almost a movie our of their story.

18. The one with the sneak peek: Someone who keeps you on the hook with just a second of their story.

19. The one with the midnight rides: We get this? Videos of cool ass rides in the middle of the night.

20. The one with the most annoying: Posts with bae everyday, bae is life.

Loud Noise of Mistaken Silence

( About a woman, whose silence on willingness to marry is mistaken and end up getting hitched.)

Wailing, She was born into the world,
while her fate was already decided.
The years, they thought would mould-
the girl, she was simple minded.

Marriage was never on her cards,
Yet she kept mum about it.
Allowing everyone believe her façades-
The talks for her marriage lit.

Tears of buried truth were mistaken,
to that of fear of separation.
Her wishes, would now be foresaken,
Avoiding a fully certain commotion.

Music reverberated and laughter filled,
As near and dear surrounded her.
The wedding, as per her parent's willed,
unmasked her biggest fear.

Wailing, She was born into the world,
while her fate was already decided.
The years, they thought would mould-
the girl, though now she lay dead.

18 April, 2016

Decoding Iraivi Teaser and Trailer

With electrifying music taking over our breathing patterns, it's safe to guess that SJ Surya is paired with Kamalinee Mukharjee in a middle class family, Vijay Sethupathy with Anjali in a lower middle class family and Bobby Simha with Pooja Devariya in a more sophisticated living situation. It seems as though the film spans over a period of years as we see the trio dancing at Vijay Sethupathy's wedding reception while another shot suggests his happy life with his kid. The plot seems to revolve around SJ Surya, Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Simha and around their individual lives and how a 'plan' to steal or do something to receive money is carried out. Some of the dialogues suggests that the film would focus on elevating the image of women in this film. That said and done this still remains to be a Karthik Subbaraj film and one cannot anticipate the twists this genius can think of! It's going to be interesting how Karunakaran, Radha Ravi and Vadivukarasi contribute to this film. One couldn't go wrong with Santhosh Narayanan as his work and as far as the trailer is concerned, exceeds the bars he has set previously, and that's saying a lot. Editing of the trailer has been tremendous and the act of adding subtitles for the benefit of the larger audience is much appreciated.

17 April, 2016

Bowled over by Iru Mugan Trailer.

The trailer promises a lot. Right when you would write off tamil cinema for the lack of good scripts here comes one that you could never predict. Set in Malaysia as the shot of Twin towers, along with one of the Malaysian flag suggets. One could keep guessing who Vikram plays, a baddie? con artist? an alien? Guess we need to wait till this hits the theatres to find this one out! Seems like Nayanthara plays his love interest and Nithya Menen a part of his 'team'. A brilliant trailer that gets us excited without giving away anything. Visual effects and Cinematogry speaks volumes and Haris Jayaraj has finally given us something to look forward to with regards to his back ground score and music this 2016.

15 April, 2016

Take on Theri Baby!

Getting tickets for the much hyped and talked about film at almost all forums of social media became a tough task.
With whistles blowing in every seat, Theri promised and opened as the 'next Bahubali'. Story wise it showed little promise to be anything other than the next tamil commercial film.

The first half was breezy and  the presence of Nainika clearly carried the film for the team. Her little quips and cute expressions are beyond her age. Pulling of lengthy dialogues, building conversations, dancing for a number and dubbing her own lines are very impressive tasks for a 4 year old.

Imagining Amy Jackson to be Indian has become an encumbering task, but with this film, we thankfully don't have to think much about it as it seems like she has minimal role and her possible romance with Vijay is very subtely hinted or misses the eye.
Motta Rajendran or Mr. Onida Manda as the fans fondly refer to him gives us a staggering performance and travles throught the film, much to our relief.
Vijay has given an incredible performance, much more expressive and experimental with his style of acting, but the same cannot be said for his change in looks as it isn't convincing enough. Samantha and Radhika give us a performance that lives upto our expectations, but little Nainika steals the show.

The cinematography should be commended for their performance. The second half is pretty slow. Credit must be given to G.V Prakash for this music though some of his song's tunes does sound oddly similar to previous tamil tracks, some even from yester years. That said, it's hard to ignore a tune that's running in the mind and not get influenced by it. Jithu Jilladi did find the theatre to vibrate with whistles and some daring to shake a leg. Eena Meena Teeka as the song promised as hearing it for the first time brought out a good viewing experience with it. The story of the film seems like one that you have heard all your life growing up, of revenges, sudden love, beautiful mother son relationship and son daughter relationship. One that's been tested and proven to be a show stealer, but have we crossed the line where it becomes monotonous?

 The predictable plot is a huge let down for the film, though ace director, Mahendran gives us an amazing performance as the villain. The trend for calm, collected and one will feel my presence villain scripts have started to trend after Thani Oruvan's success. Director Mahendran's screen presence is just tok ahrd to put into words. Hat's off.

Though the predictability of the script did hinder with the viewing experience, social issues such as rape and a few scenes following it and the problems faced by a daily wage worker in a construction site was like a slap on the face.

The Vijay fan is ecstatic over the movie as it has to offer everything a Vijay fan looks for from a movie from their Illaya Thalapathy. But the difference of opinion among public arises when the non admirer views such such scenes and gets a feeling they have viewed this before, in many a films earlier.
A true cinema viewer wishes for a  tighter script with better screenplay. A few unnecessary dialogues could have been avoided, but not all works of art can be perfect. Contemplating whether Vijay was a soul of a dead man could have also been a start. On the whole, the message is clear.

The chemistry between the daughter and father was really well put on the screen as much as between Samantha and Vijay, althought it seems like some scenes were removed due to the length of the film, here's hoping to catching them as deleted scenes. Because if that fact it seems a little irrational for things to get serious within a span of 5 minutes between the characters. We all knew Samantha was going to die right at that moment when it happened, that was the main blow to the film.

The day Tamil cinema stops showing growth over a film or predicting an alternative ending over a few shots before they try to take an alternative path is when it reaches the next stage.

Rating : 6.5/10

04 February, 2016

On the minds of Indians. At least 90%.

I'm going to throw light upon changes that are needed in our society. But who the heck has the time to listen to this monologue on changes? So I'm going to mix it up and convey it in as humorous as possible by my standards, AT LEAST.

What's an Indian without relatives?

The first thing  this long distant relative asks you when they see you, "Lost/Gained Weight?" No maternal uncle's paternal grandfather's third cousin, you just lost the respect I might have considered having for you.
The moment relatives hear or see you cook or work out, "Wedding Bells are ringing eh?" How about I like food but don't want to become obese?

20+ and Single, Relatives get all excited, start looking for possible grooms and brides. Same religion, caste, sub caste, sub sub caste, but not same family of course!, we are in the 21st century. Please.

25+ and Single. Relatives get panic attack, try talking about their neighbour's cousin's uncle's grandchild living half a world away. Because foreign countries = Money earning potential foreign souvenirs when the married couple visit.

30+ and Single. Relatives, "Woh Lesbian or Gay ho gaya. Chood dho. You know when I was your age I had three children?"


These are the same relatives who ask for your board marks, the ones who forgot to wish you for your birthday. Maybe once, try asking them their board marks. Please Uncle.

Double standards is probably prevelant everywhere. Right from home.
Male member of family walks in hours late, no one bats an eyelid. Female member walks in 0:01 minutes late, everyone loses their mind, and the female loses her freedom.

It's funny how everything is okay when you go out with the same gender friend, "group(grope) studying", " sleepover", or simply going over. But when it's opposite gender, then we see the sticks breaking. 30+ and single scenarios preferred by Indian parents. Maybe.

I personally hail from a house that produces maximum male child. I literally have 3 second cousins and one cousin who are girls. And about 30 second cousins plus 3 cousins who are males. So at this point, everyone in my family is used to me hanging out with boys. All the time. But the "society" isn't the same. They see me with 20 other boys, who are my cousins. They loose their shit. Calm down. They are my brothers. *Annaga da*

But seriously. With boys around, I need to worry about clothes covering my body parts, but the thing with girls, I need to worry about the type and texture of clothes covering my body parts.

While we are in the sensitive subject of body parts, let me make it more uncomfortable. Imagine 10 pm- 11pm on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday night. You go past a road. You see gangs of boys standing on the sides of roads, some on bikes some in cars, some walking by and some women heavily clad in make up and not so much in clothes. You go past them, reach home or wherever you intended to go.
What do you remember from this? The women. Ofcourse. I don't dare ask you as to what you thought of her. Surely, the men who were on the very same road oogling at her did not strike your mind. That's the basic fault with our society.

Finally to the crucial part, the roads. We as Indians have zero road sense. What do we do when we see an ambulance? Give way. Sure. Let me just agree to that. But firstly we panic and half of us just stop wherever we are. Left lane, right lane, or the middle. (Yes, roads are supposed to have 6 lanes counting both sides, we are still in dream land of stopping while we see ambulances aren't we? But who am I kidding, half our streets have lesser width than a single lane) The fastest moving lane is the right where bikes and scooter are supposed to  travel in. The middle is for sedans. And the left, which is next to the pavement, atleast when the shops and encroachments have been lifted off them, is for buses and truck or other heavy weight vehicles. So naturally, we must take LEFT, when we see an ambulance, in order for it to navigate faster. Unless ofcourse the ambulance needs to take the left.

So while we are still on the topic of roads, "Kuththe, Kaminey, Saale, Thuuutherri, Baemani, DonganaKoduka, Prandhan" Sincerely, Thanks sp(i/o)tting Indian drivers on Indian Roads.
Indian logic, Bus Capacity = 50. Conductor yells, 250 rush in. Chances of females getting groped just increased by 250%.

A woman in a scooty over takes your almost triple horsepowered bike? What audacity, War declared. Sexism.

So with this in mind, let me just take this to the topic of rape. Yes, girls wearing provocative clothing ensures she get raped. Let me just agree to this, but I fail to see what provacative clothes a 25 day old baby was wearing to "ask for it". No diapers. Damn son.

 I do agree when girls drink, we can loose control too. Just like men. A woman can get raped, how about a man raping when he is out of control, when drunk? Justifiable? If when a woman drinks it's wrong. It is wrong when a man drinks too. We beg equality. Don't give us special status please.

Feminism all over the world means, Woman = Man. However, Feminism in the minds of average Indian is Feminism = Woman> Man. Another common misconception among us that men cannot be feminists. ANY PERSON who feels like both the genders are EQUAL is a Feminist.
We do not want you to hold our doors, we don't wish for you to pay our bills, We do not expect you to pay for getting married. We aren't " man haters". We just need balance. Please don't miss our calls.

Woman are atleast recognised. I pity those transgenders. Some of whom have had to forgo their "supreme birth right" of being born a boy. It's like fighting an internal war, your heart and mind says you are a girl while you have a body, hanging in shame without the ability to stand up, of a man, or when a man stuck in a girl's body. After breaking out of this struggle, which we fail to recognise, we fail even more, by not having even basic necessities as restrooms for the third gender. We fail to see that they are human too, with aspirations, goals and the hunger to win, much MUCH more than what we do. We fail to provide them with job when they tackle their houses, they brave humiliations and finish degrees and become graduates. When we can find a girl with whom we don't have any mutual friend and message her with a very unflattering poem or "Hi u beauty, wanna b me lady?", But fail to provide basic respect to these ladies who want and crave for our affection.

We fail, as a society, What's the use of the 90% now?

18 April, 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani. A comeback?

O Kadhal Kanmani. 

Definitely a comeback. OK Kanmani review:

Mani Rathnam has managed to weave magic into a single word. 'Kanmani'. I will never be able to read or hear the word Kanmani and not see the love I saw in Dulquer's eyes when he sees Nithya. Or should I say, Adi sees Tara.
In this review, I'll stick to the screenplay that was given in the film as it was decent. The way the story is told makes all the difference and it has been justified. The game theme for the credits does give excitement for a gamer. With ARR's blissful music.

For those who don't have the patience to read the whole review skip to the parts that are highlighted.

The journey starts off with the train coming to a stop at the Mumbai station. When the tall and handsome hunk swears at a 5 something footer in Tamil. Yes. You heard that right. Tara is clearly angry with someone and decides to jump in front of a train on the other side of the station, but somehow changes her mind and walks off when Adi swears at her in Tamil. Little did they know that this wasn't the first time she was going to run away from him.
Adi is then whisked away to the house he will from now on be a paying guest to by his friends, Mr. Ganapathy's house. He meets the strict and No nonsense 60 year old Ganapathy beautifully portrayed by Prakash Raj and Mrs. Bhavani Ganapathy,  from now on fondly called as Bhavani aunty who suffers from Alzheimer's.
He then starts off with his life at Mumbai. The base story of Mumbai 2.0, his brainchild and is given 6 weeks to make his dream into a project. One of his friend's Ananya played by popular VJ Ramya gets married at a church and that's when Adi officially meets Tara. They begin to converse in sign language initially and number gets exchanged. A small phone conversation takes place where the fact that both of them don't want marriage in their cards gets established. Everything goes well and Tara makes a call to Adi and they fix a date for coffee,or maybe? Tara manages to get into her dream project,to work with her idol and forgets all about the coffee, and rushes to meet him, but oh wait. He is waiting down. You'll see a lot of running by Tara. This is just the beginning. When on a date with Adi she sees her ex and tells the reason for her breakup. Money and her ex's hunger for her money, and at the right time ARR's magic is in the air, Mental manadhil where they roam the streets of the city and slowly fall in love and so do we.

P.C Sreeram's camera work, especially in this song is very commendable. Tara tells Adi about her trip to Ahmedabad with her idol. When having a light hearted conversation with Mr. Ganapathy about how he got married to Bhavani aunty. Mr. Ganapathy says life doesn't give second chances. No guesses as to what happens next. Clichè move Mr. Mani. Adi catches the train and the way Tara gets angry but doesn't show her anger before her friends but blushes speaks volumes about her acting abilities and the way she makes us fall in love with her. I cannot be a judge of how good Mr. Mani can capture his train scenes.
Now comes the breathtaking shots by P.C Sreeram that gives a new dimension to viewing cinema. With Maula playing in the background and Rahman's son's soulful voice taking it to a whole new level leaves it echoing in our ears and etched in our minds. There are no words to describe his work while covering the sculptures and the designs of architecture. Each shot is breathtaking. A lot is shared between the couple there and the happy go lucky Adi makes us swoon with his subtle humour, " Who that fellow?" and his slight jealously. The real reason behind why Tara strongly believes against the idea of marriage is revealed when she talks about her parent's divorce. She realises they would miss the train and as she rightly contemplated they do. They get accommodated into a lodge for the night. The song, Parandhu sellava rendered beautifully by Sasha thirupati and Karthik gives us the chills and the visuals are as usual. Magic. The song which is captured majorly on the Loopy app is not something that leaves our minds easily. They are beginning to fall in love although nothing is said.
Adi drops her back safely to her hostel and there Tara meets her relatives and her mother who questions her as to where she was. The tension in the relationship between the mother and daughter is then revealed. Nithya hints that she would get a scholarship to further study at Paris. For which her mother bullshits her and asks her to take care of their "factory,estates and business" at Coimbatore. Wow are they rich or what?
Tara escapes her mother ( see again with the running) to work and when she is mocked by her friends as to who her special one was, she runs away only to be swept off her feet by Adi. They can't get enough of each other can they? The scene that comes now is absolutely heart melting where Adi cannot seem to have enough of her in the ride back in the bus. Where he says go away now or I'll have you forever. Soon everything gets out of hand, or they go according to the plan, depending on how you see it and they make love, which Mani sir beautifully captures by the shadows and the steam and rain. Typical again. ARR's brilliance is can be felt here with Naane varugiren. Absolutely mind blowing. The next thing is a total surprise. Tara is at Mr. Ganapathy's house and Adi asks him if she could be a paying guest to which the obvious reaction was as expected. But Bhavani aunty oh so cutely says Mr. Ganapathy is old fashioned, it maybe the Alzheimer's speaking. Either way, she is too cute to handle. Adi tries convincing Mr. Ganapathy. Meanwhile Tara begins to sing, Malar ketaen, finally ARR and Chithra coming together, what a wonderful treat to the ears, the age on Bhavani aunty's face visibly vanishes when that happens and Mr. Ganapathy is definitely impressed, the love in his eyes is the highlight in the whole film, something in the back of our head says he is seeing his 19 year old Bhavani singing. I really must mention the way Prakash Raj had managed to emote through his eyes. MIND =BLOWN.  However Nithya Menon's lipsyncing for the song was horrible right here.
The shift begins where Mr. Ganapathy sees shockingly, because he didn't exactly approve of it. But he later on begins to live with it. Soon comes Vasu, Adi's elder brother who has come with his family to Mumbai. He calls and asks for the address and Tara very cutely asks Adi couldn't he have given the wrong address and said 2nd floor, she would get 5 more minutes of sleep. Typical human, we need our sleep! The way Adi begs her to get up and leave is absolutely love filled. You know the usual, kanne, maniye, kothamali? His sister in law snoops around the room and bathroom and compares it to how her husband keeps his room. Tara meanwhile manages to hide her stuff and get away through the window and behind the house keeper but Adi's niece does see her and the tiny romance between the couple, which brings smiles to our faces and an end to the first half.

Mumbai 2.0 prototype is done and the main character is riding the yellow vespa, by Adi and his niece. Tara enters the room and the character looses his life in the game. A nice apt "you are dead" appears. When questioned as to who she is Adi says she is Ganapathy uncle's sister's daughter and she too stays here. Soon Tara tries to go out ( again with the running) of the house. It's time for Adi's brother's family to leave and Adi's sister in law calls Tara aside and questions her regarding the stuff she found in Adi's room. Tara accepts and she is told to either marry Adi or leave his life. Meanwhile Adi's brother asks Mr. Ganapathy to give Tara's hand in marriage to Adi. Adi and Tara travel in the train where she informs him of what his sister in law had said. She takes him to the gynaecological side of a hospital and leads him to think she is pregnant but later reveals she was simply playing the fool and it was just the architectural plan for the hospital. This shows the other side to a live in relationship.
It's late in the night and she is pondering when Mr. Ganapathy sees her and questions her as to what is running in her mind. She says she is about to get the scholarship and he understands that she isn't willing to let go off Adi. She wants both. Don't we all? Committment phobia right there. So relatable.
She dramatically enters her room and packs her things. Adi is puzzled but she laughs and says she is heading to Jaipur for a project. Aye Sinamika. Karthik's voice, what more do I need to say? It gives the alaipayuthey Dejavu, because of the shots. The choreographer, Brinda's work is absolutely spot on. Tara returns and Adi is missing. He hasn't been found for two days and Adi calls. Tara RUNS according to his instruction and to go to a somewhat posh restaurant because she can't shout and create a scene. He says Tara's mom sent a private jet and showed him their estate and that he was at Coimbatore. She is angry and signifies that this was their first fight and captured it in her mobile and says she will upload it and let the world know. Adi follows her and it starts to rain. Tara keeps walking but suddenly stops and  starts to smile. She can't get angry at him can she? She starts to pray in a temple nearby and Adi sees Bhavani aunty there. She couldn't find her way back and she was stuck they take her to the hospital. The way Ganapathy takes care of Bhavani aunty is impeccable and incomparable. Adi and Tara have this running on their minds and is clearly shown. Meanwhile in Chennai Tara's mother has gone to Adi's house and his brother angrily skype calls him and asks him to check for the cheapest flight from Mumbai to Chennai immediately. Typical middle class mindset. Mr. Ganapathy convinces Adi's brother saying Tara is a great child and Adi is very lucky. Adi is excited to show his fully developed game Mumbai 2.0 whereas his office surprises him and he is offered to go to the US. Tara is happy for him but the hurt she feels inside is shown on her face. They make a pact that for the next 10 days there will be no crying, no fights no sleep and only happiness. AR Rahman's brilliance and his uniqueness can easily be felt in his rendering of Theera Ulla along with Nikitha Gandhi. They do all the things they love. All is well for 2 days , but the love for the other hurts them too badly and they are afraid that the other doesn't love them. When asked about his inner feelings Adi jokingly says he would love a bread omelette. That's every one's inner feelings. They keep fighting and Tara cries because she isn't able to digest the fact that it is ending. This is when all hell broke loose and aunt goes missing again. This part, was by far the most moving as well as the most dragging part of the movie. They search for aunty and the love within each other where Adi says he will take care of her like Ganapathy uncle and asks her to marry him, go wherever she wants, but marry him and go. For which before she could react she runs ( India's gold medalist by now) and finds aunty. We aren't really sure when the couple fell in love but being with the Ganapathys, it would be hard not to. The love that is shared between those two is actually sometimes better than the actual love story that we mainly focus on. Again when Adi asks her to marry him she agrees and their dream wedding takes place. The game version shows what happens next and all is well.

For those thinking it isn't a family audience type of a movie, maybe not. It depends on your family. I went with my father, and I loved it. For those who haven't felt love, you'll definitely yearn for it. For those who have been in love or in love, it's a cult and easily relatable. It won't be a big surprise if someone sues saying it's their story. Because it is after all an ordinary story with Mani Rathnam's as well as PC's and ARR's magic woven together. This equation cannot go wrong. The negatives of the movie: Could have been a little fast paced, the searching for Bhavani aunty during climax could have been a little lesser. There isn't much scope for actors other than the 4 main characters. There maybe an overdose of romance for some. However rather than getting married, and being contradictory to the actual thought, they could have gone ahead with the long distance relationship. It does work for people, right? Definitely if someone were really in love as it was in the movie.  I'm nitpicking here. I would have personally preferred to know more about Ganapathy uncle and Bhavani aunty's story, the kind of warmth that relationship shared was sizzling to see on the screen. The movie is a brilliant work of art and a must watch. If Alaipayuthey was to be taken according to the current generation,  then it would be OKK. 

As far as the background score is concerned,  need I even say anything. Dubbing was proper and editing was complete. The fact that most of the film was taken in sound proof places and that most of it did not require dubbing is much appreciated. However the part where Adi goes missing could have been more clear with regards to the plot.

This isn't a typical Tamil movie. It isn't for the conservative Tamil folk. The times are changing and so is cinema. Kudos to Nithya Menon's costume designer, the costumes were brilliant and made it hard for the viewers not to notice. Dulquer has given a good performance, it is hard not to compare Alaipayuthey to this and when I do, I'm still on team Maddy. He does however have the Mamooty touch. He has done justice to his character.
Nithya Menon's portrayal of the cute Tara according to me is spot on. Her ability to change her expression within seconds speaks volumes about her acting abilities. Prakash Raj's acting abilities can never be questioned, that man has been a highly underrated actor and he has shown once again he can pull off any role with ease. His ability to emote dialogues without uttering them moves the soul.  Leela Samson's work as Bhavani aunty sure needs a mention. She is childlike and portrays the character in a brilliant way.

Overall a great experience and definitely worth the 120. 

Oh yes, Mrs. Suhasini Manirathnam. Anyone who has access to a mouse and a keyboard,  can write a review. We don't need no education.
Rating: 8.75 /10

28 December, 2011

Under the umbrella

A poem on rain because like all, I love rain. That's not all, the connection i feel with rain is just impeccable. After all my name means RAIN :D

Its under the umbrella for a reason. It signifies my point of view and not the rain's point of view and hence from under the umbrella my voice.

Why the umbrella, you might ask, for me an umbrella made more sense than a raincoat. Now for the main stuff the poem:

The heart wanders like a kite,
Stuck in cool breeze,
Awaiting the clouds might,
Swaying along with the trees.

Smile approaches ones face,
For waiting long in grilling heat.
The drizzle builds up its pace,
As the heart skips its beat.

The then calm breeze turns intense,
As the sky lights up its lamp,
The twinkle of the eye, hence
the wind, oh so damp.

Raindrops trickle down my window pane,
escorted by the smell of mud and specks of water,
All representing hope and humane,
the reasons for ringing laughter.

Puddles of water struck by ripples,
formed by the ongoing phenomenon, rain-
and as the bliss doubles,
all there is left is gain.

Dribble of rain forms a rhythm,
As it flows to join the river,
Instills a sense of freedom-
A lesson learnt from the shower.

At the end, the river trickles down to the sea,
Down the tree trunks, off the leaves,
Down the mountain, spreading glee.
A beautiful picture it does weave.

The journey of the rain is to be remembered,
right from the cloud to the ground
for my heart, it has conquered,
With the beating of a new life it had found.

25 December, 2011

Birds- the fearless flight

Bird! I don't mean the Angry Bird :
Or Twitter bird thing.

I mean the real bird. the ones you can see in the sky. Not through the phone and laptop, computer or whatever shit thing you have.

Remember those thing which fly. yes that.
A poem, a tribute, more of a poem to those things that fly.

Soaring with the wind across the sky,
Swiftly and elegant, you do fly.
Blazing are the colours of your feather,
With which you hug, Oh caring mother.

Missing the hunter's bullet, you seem fearless,
Which in you I do admire, must confess.
Gliding in the sky side by side,
You flock together like maids behind a bride.

(for those who couldn't imagine the bride part here is the photo to help :P )

Sadly you do suffer due to pollution,
With no place left than the ocean.
People feel you are wild yet free,
But here you are homeless without a tree.

( I'm putting this photo up because i want to):

You do seem to be graceful and wild,
but in real, oh so mild.
Grace, you do all to mother nature,
Without you is there a future?

(And another picture):

10 December, 2011

'Why this Kolaveri di' to why this kolaveri di?

One word I as a tamizhan have been using all my life now.
Usually to portray the feeling of backstabbing and rage, now is a national rage. The song is MASS, says everyone. I like it too. for that matter two months before the official release, thanks to my brother i heard it when it leaked in the net. I said WHY THIS KOLAVERI when my brother refused to let me go without hearing the whole song. Didn't like it.
second time. Didn't like it.
third time still didn't like it.
FOURTH TIME. Viola! Loved it. It must be jinxed.
And then i heard it for days to go. without a break and till three weeks it got boring.
It still is namma song (our song). Tamizhan da!. Its kind of nice when i hear a few certain north Indians pronouncing the Tamil words hear and there and trying to ding the aalap in the end. How ever bored i am of the song it still doesn't hurt to hear it once a day and that for a song is actually pretty good. I still love it nevertheless. Proof me blogging about it.

Inset : Dhanush (black shirt), Shruti haasan (actress) and Anirudh Ravichander (blue shirt).

The fact that Dhanush sang the song makes me want to listen to it just one more time and the other fact that the music director Anirudh Ravichander studied in my school just tops that.
The language, english helps it cross boundaries. Like all Dhanush songs this too has stuck the cord.
There may be the female version to it. Sonu nigam's son Neevan singing it ( SUCH a CUTIE PIE ), the japanese weirdo dancing for it, hitler getting angry for it, Sharad Pawar SLAP song, exam verion, marathi version, mamma vandhu paadungo version and even the chipmunk version but the orginal beats all.

People saying 'Babbbbaa' for Mamma ( refers to uncle, but used as Buddy too)
and for pa pa pa pa. baaau bau bau bau bam . Beats me.
My favourite part in the song:

the pa pa pa pa! pa pa pa. Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa! part


Empty life-u girl-u come-u
Life-u reverse-u gear-u!.

For the people who haven't heard it yet. *GASPS*
Hear it now :): LINKING YOU,

Musically Yours,
Smruthi Rangarajan
Treble talks.

I know, too formal to be me. :P Believe it or not its me.
And this was a flop song. Soup song for soup boys alright.

06 November, 2011

Sardarji and Marwadi, Chennai mein rahthae hain :P :)

In Chennai Sardarji's and the marwadi's are stereotyped. The sardarji's all over the country, But still, to my surprise when I found that information out. they are not dumb. Not at all.

A Teacher lecturing on population :
In India after Every 10 sec a
woman gives birth to a kid.
A Sardar stands up- we must find & stop her!.

I really dont know what to say for that. :O

Sardar 1 : Is HARBHAJAN Singh male or female ?
Sardar 2 : Female.
Sardar 1 : How ?
Sardar 2 : Just now commentator told "A wonderful delivery by HARBHAJAN

I love harbhajan :| ungli mein tingli :D

Sardar-why r all these people running?
Man- This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Sardar-If only the winner will get the cup, why r others running?

-______- Just a few jokes here and there.

Teacher: "I killed a person"
convert this sentence into future tense.
Sardar: The future tense is "u will go to jail".

Now thats funny.

Sardar told his servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: it's already raining.
Sardar: So what? Take an umbrella and go.


Sardar : Sitting on The Top of the Mountain and Studying.... When a
Person asked what he was doing.... He replied... Oye!! Higher Studies

Courtesy : some link in google.
See stereotyping

Yo Sardarjis out there. I love your dance steps too. Everybody does.

Marwadi's :
Unlike the Sardarji's stereotyping, marwardis is well.. TRUE. They are all, I repeat ALL kanjoos. I am still yet to receive my 'gift' from my marwadi friend (Jugal), which is a pen by the way when my birthday got over two months ago. Not cool, This is my sly reminder again buddy :P. I want that gift however lame it is, marwadi choot. Say it. Marwadi choot, its fun to say it, just try.
I agree Marwadi food is TRULY AWESOME. But marwadi mothers are scary. Marwadi fathers are kanjoos. Marwadi babies are well like all babies cute.

Basically learn to laugh FOR Sardarji jokes not at them and learn to get your things from Marwadi by force or else you wont get them back, Experience talks.

P.S: I still want to hog Marwadi and I prefer to remain a marwadi food fan and laugh for Sardarji jokes.

Sincerely a fan of Sardarji jokes and Marwadi food :D

05 October, 2011

The Moments (the vetti scene)

There are a few moments in life. The moments when you realise something, Something which are so clear and you wonder why you didnt see them before.
Those are not the moments I am blogging about now. There are other moments when you know something but you are unable to tell others for the sake of courtesy.

Sometimes I feeling like telling someone, well more of, walking them up from the their dream. They seem to be portaying a totally different person from who they are. I feel like screaming "Can you ever stop?". But you cant go tell them that, Why? Its called being a bitch. Well its not being a bitch its about stopping a person being something they are not. It irritates me beyond reparable stage.

These moments are awake when I see someone eating curd rice with chopsticks. Seriously woman, stop. Or when a person dresses up in insane clothes calling it style, Going to a match JUST to be on TV, Some person would have probably never watched a football match in their life but talking like they are a football pro. First, be PROUD of whatever you are. Respect yourself.
Im sounding serious now a days :O

I for one am a drama queen I accept that. You are what you are. Take nothing that changes that. I started not knowing how to start. I end with the same thought of not knowing how to end.

18 September, 2011

16 :)

I have like every girl wanted to be sixteen for the past sixteen years
But what i would do afterwards I didn't think of.

This is going to be very thoughtful and all that, So if you are not in the mood to hear shoo away.
What have i learned in this sixteen years?
One for each year :

~You can live without anyone.
~Life is better when you decide you don't care.
~Its good to ignore.
~It feels great to share things.
~Never be in loan.
~If some one is ignoring you, don't give a shit.
~Talk to everyone, never leave anyone feel lonely.
~Be true to your heart.
~If you don't like some one, don't go stick to them.
~There will be people who you dont like, that does not mean you ignore them.
~Weird is not something, Its how you choose to look at something.
~Only the people who smile randomly know what it feels like, smile more life will be better because a smile is worth a million words.
~When something can be done in the simple way, try to find the simpler way and do it. Do not try to be macho and try doing it the hard way. You are just wasting time.
~Its FUN to fight. try it.
~Don't buy friends. Earn them. Its an insult to buy friends. The ones who you earn are the people who are going to travel with you your whole life with you through hard and good times.
~ Its better to tell people what you feel rather than building it up inside you.

That is all Folks :]

28 August, 2011

Music - The invisible world one fails to see.

Music- the thing which makes me happy, hyper and the person i am. Its the sweetest escape, a drug you can hold on happily forever. A smile just crops up when you hear something so beautiful.
Music says the words we are too afraid to speak out loud. It finds its way out no matter how hard you try to hide it.It is always there and will always remain to be in the place called 'there'. You can keep creating different kinds of music as every little change to a note is an art of its own. There is no good music and bad music after all its an expression of the humans, a mere echo of one's feeling.

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman. - Beethoven

And he struck fire within every man and brought tear from every woman who ever came across the bars of beautifully arranged notes.

Music is your own thoughts, your own experience, feel it, embrace it with both hands wide open and live with it. Music is easy to play but hard to feel yet once you feel it, it never leaves you. Music is the one language that fails to express something that is mean or sarcastic, filling the air with poetry of a kind. The one thing that adds the beauty to any kind of music is the pauses between the notes.

Music is

` the one thing no one can resist

` one thing that can energize one in the most saddest day.

` When you put your head phones on and sing along.

` heavenly yo hear in the worst of times.

` tear breaking

` a part of every language and every religion.

` what you listen to and not what you merely hear.

` what you create not spoof.

` the silent words you hear as a tune.

` something which can make a corpse dance. ( Left to me I would dance )

` the one thing that gives you a great feeling after LISTENING to.

` something which spreads a smile on every person's face.

` the language understood by all.

` something which one cant resist tapping the foot to.

` the best word created by man.

` all around you.

` creates peace.

` a combination of notes which are pleasant to hear.

` written or oral signs representing composition.

` a language of its own kind.

ITS AWESOME because if it wasn't, you would have had the patience to read this.
Music is something which never fails to make me happy and I hope it has the same effect on you at least after reading this. Feel it. Live with it.

My 'Quotes' - Part ONE

Some words just flow from somewhere into your mind.
These are some of those flowing moments. I think most of them are mine. You never know which is yours as some sentence you read somewhere would have gone right into the mind and you just think its yours. Some of them are not all that good but to identify the good ones you need to have some bad ones, Right? And by the way, This is all copyrighted. Any resemblance as I said is not intended. Don't use these lines as pick up dialog(s), That just insults me. Some day a few year later Some soul i hope would quote me and say one of the following lines.
Here it starts.

Ok after the photo.

` Like me for who I am, Not who you want me to be.

` Love rocks because we(ve) are in it.

` You irritate me, bug me, drive me crazy, maybe that why I am in love with you.

` Its best to cry when it rains.

` You are too pure for this wicked world.

` Life is good if another life wants you to live, love.

` Mad things happen when boredom gets over'board'.

` Pity PITY before PITY pities you.

` When boredom hacks her memory chip.

` Lack of concentration is a result of high distraction.

` Boredom sets on as fun evacuates.

` Love seems more electrified than current

` Senses get rules out when love takes over you.

` Love cant hurt you.

` With a twinkle of your eye you make me wonder who I am.

` When our eyes meet, my heart goes through free fall.

` I love you too much to sleep during the night and even if I do, i dream about you.

` A band on friendship day is not the only thing that proves our friendship.

` You do thing that i don't like, but yes I love you because you do those things.

` Humiliation is a step ahead of embarrassment.

` Restless of my mind, a result of your smile.

` Your voice echoes in my mind all day.

` Your smile is worth a thousand words.

` I experience bathroom singing with shower effect.

` You had to be MY Mr. perfect not letting me to concentrate on anything but you.

` An 'I love you' never tires any one.

` Music lives in every soul.

` When you look me in the eye, I loose track of time.

` Everything is all right when you are by my side.

` Love never dies, only the partner changes.

That is all Folks.
In the first part :P

10 July, 2011

Chennai- You got to know it to understand.

Photo 1: Vadai (Local Food)

Photo 2: Working at the Marina (World's Second Longest Beach) Photo Courtesy : Suriya Rn

Photo 3: Crow (Kaka) Photo Courtesy: Suriya Rn

Photo 4: St. Thomas Church

Photo 5: Rain in chennai (Mazhai)

Photo 6: Napier Bridge

Photo 7: Simpsons Clock Circle, Marina Beach Road.

Photo 8: Chennai Cricket Stadium, M. A. Chidhambharam (Chepauk)

Photo 9 : Kathipara Junction

Photo 10 : Karl Schmidt Memorial, Ellitos BEach

Photo 11: Filter Coffee (filter kappi)

Photo 12 : Chennai in the real sense

Photo 13: Guindy National Park

Photo 14: Ranjinikanth (God)

Photo 15: Egmore Railways Station

Photo 16: Auto rickshaws

Photo 17 :Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman (Allah Rakkha Rahman) Formerly known as Dileep Kumar

Photo 18 :Madras War Cementery Photo Courtesy : Navneeth Balachanderan

Photo 19 :Edited by Srivatchala Muthusamy

Inspired by the spirit of the people, the surrogate culture, sense of humor and of course their big hearts :)

For a Chennaitte these small things are a very touching and a close to the heart acts:

> Sitting in the "Kutti Chevuru" of the Somasundaram ground
> Playing cricket all day long
> Going to the Marina Beach
> Enjoying the hot Bajji (local food) in the rain
> Turning a blind eye to the traffic signals
> Praying for a rain holiday
> Littering anywhere, any time
> Eating Pani Puri in a roadside shop
> Standing in the queue for a Ranjinikanth movie
> Shooting films at the Napier Bridge
> Mumbling an A.R.Rahman song
> Having dosa at Kaiendhi Bhavan
> Facebooking, Everyday
> Standing in a really hugeee line for entering into the M.A.Chidambaram (Chepauk) to watch a cricket match.
> Jumping onto the foot board of a bus
> Repeating Rajinikath's punch lines
> Thiruvalluvar's words of wisdom
> Painting pumpkins with tongues sticking out
> Having Filter Coffee (Filter Kaappi)
> Enjoying Rain like no other city
> Screeching Auto rickshaws
> Loud street Vendors
> Saying 'Nanbaen da' ( Your my friend)
> Playing games such as Kabadi, Mankatha, Pallanguzhi (Indegenous games)
> Going for Marghazhi maha Utsavs (Cultural programmes conducted during December)
> Speaking Tanglish

There is this notion that Tamilians suck and we are head weight people and what not. Dude seriously think again. We belong to India too, we are what you are. You are a crook we are crooks As simple as that.

Besides Tamil is one of the oldest language in the world. We are proud of what we are. Too bad if you do not like it

Yes we Tamils love to talk in Tamil just to annoy you if you do not know Tamil. Don't you love to annoy other people when the don't know your language. That does NOT mean that we will ignore you. We do not talk Hindi all the time in Chennai, It may be the National language, we Tamilians are proud of our language and we beg to shoot down on people against us talking in Tamil. Speaking Hindi is NOT an offence. It is like watching a Telugu movie in Mumbai, AWKWARD. Saying no one talks English in Chennai is such an understatement. Even the beggar knows basic word in English. Saying you cannot survive without Tamil in Chennai is again a plain white lie. Yes our boards have Tamil words written on them but I think you are missing the bolder and larger English text on top. Yes our auto rickshaw guys are crooks. They may ask you for three times the money. Nothing is perfect. So shut it. Start learning Tamil. you would love it in here. Give it a try :)

There is another 'notion' that Chennai is 'polluted'. The government of India along with me and a lot of people beg to differ.

(Annual average concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter)

Sl. No. Cities Name Annual Average in µg/m3
1 Jharia 261
2 Ludhiana 254
3 Khanna 249
4 Delhi 243
5 Ghaziabad 236
6 Kanpur 211
7 Gobindgarh 206
8 Lucknow 197
9 Amritsar 190
10 Gwalior 187
11 Firozabad 187
12 Kolkata 187
13 Agra 185
14 Indore 183
15 Ranchi 182
16 Jamshedpur 172
20 Allahabad 160
28 Bangalore 122
36 Navi Mumbai 111
37 Mumbai 109
45 Talcher 104
50 Visakhapatnam 97
51 Ahmedabad 95
52 Surat 91
53 Kota 91
54 Amravati 90
69 Pune 82
70 Salem 82
71 Chandigarh 81
72 Hydrabad 80
73 Vijaywada 80
80 Bhubaneshwar 75
81 Gulbarga 74
82 Coimbatore 74
85 Solapur 71
86 Chennai 70
88 Trivandrum 65

AND WHERE IS CHENNAI 86th position looks like we arent the most polluted.
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And the weather of the city is not something we can exactly control is it? After all heat is part of the world. The monsoon pattern doesnt not touch chennai until almost October when the clouds barely have a few drops. We do have malls, probably best ones in India, check your sources before stepping foot in some other land rather than complaining about the city without knowing about it. YES some of our roads ARE crowded, This is India, the second largest populated country WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? This is the land of Rajinikanth fans, Saying his name would get you out of trouble here. Yes we rule. But at the same time you are always welcome here. Its not like we are going to shoot you down :) Bottom line : You insult us, we insult you. You be good to us we will be good to you as SIMPLE as THAT.

A Blend of Old and new, fashion and tradition, Music and Dance, Pants and Dresses, Male and Females, Rajini and God, love and more love, pride and fall, plane and train, email and letters, Goundamani and Senthil, Nagesh and Santhanam, Surya and Jyothika ....That's Chennai for you.

These DEFINE Chennai my love.. En kaadhal
My Power, My City
My Pride, and the HEAVEN on Earth.
There are some thing that words cant convey and hence the pictures :)