07 May, 2016

TN Elections 2016. Whom to vote for?

Let's see this for what it is. A promise of mobile phone with 3G/4G, laptops and tablets should normally not excite one into voting for a party. This election where every party seems to have been taking the "Non Alcohol" route seems funny. Please change your party first before talking about the state. SUCH is the state of Tamil Nadu. When one is elected to power this term, we elect the other devil the next time, "Giving them a chance". This isn't about just one person. This is about a state, and how many chances we are willing to give.

I would like to appreciate the efforts of the TN election commission. There has not been a better way to popularise election and create a stir among the youth as they have. Kudos to their memes and bringing in celebrities to put their message forward. Everyone is powerless, but together we have the power to overthrow an empire.

I read some of the manifestos and highlights. I could not believe it, free internet to students? We can afford such things. Where we want the government to interfere is by providing jobs and proper housing facilities. When we are still begging around for basic necessities, we can live without the internet. NO THANK YOU.

There have been many on the fence about whom to vote for, this is our time. Decide for yourself. We don't want another flood situation. At least not me personally.
I URGE EVERY PERSON TO GO THROUGH THE MANIFESTOS OF THOSE CANDIDATES FROM WHOM YOU NEED TO VOTE FROM, INDIVIDUAL OR FROM A PARTY BEFORE VOTING. Spending a few minutes to change a few million people's fate for the next 5 years isn't such a bad thing.

Some of the other ridiculous ideas include :
- Tamil will be introduced as official language in Central Government offices too. ( With all due respects, this seems like an opportunity to create a war in the minds of those who are on the fence with Tamil not being recognised anywhere. Let's face the facts, the whole country is not going to change for us. Period. Let's go past this. I'm not ANTI TAMIL for saying this, but this is far fetched and will never be achieved. To make one understand better one can't get into Egypt one fine day and tell them to speak in Tamil. Won't happen.)
- Establishment of Anna Unavagam. ( Are you kidding me? Do you think the ones who the food is needed the most, cares the least about your political wars, he/she just wants food. Since there is an amma unavagam already, just change the name to Unavagam if you beg neutrality.)
- One lakh new jobs are going to be created every year. ( HOW, if this was complete as to how you are going to find who are the unemployed and does this mean that the jobs will be according to what the deserve or study, do the poorest get it first? How do you plan on implementing? Without these being answered, this just seems like another building of castles in the air.)
- New medical colleges in all districts ( Because Medical is the new Engineering, again will this be of a standard of the blunder we made in the name of Samachier Kalvi, where now no student kniws anything beyond those books?)
- Slums free Tamil Nadu (What plans after you remove people from the slums, give them better houses, That's not even mentioned.)
- Uninterrupted power supply. ( it's funny when manifestos have auch promises when means to achieve this isn't built.)
- Rs. 1 lakh for temples of local deities. (???)
- Free cell phones for all ration card holders. (If you could PROMISE us that our rations reach us properly we'd be happy, let alone phones.)
- 20% land on SME industrial parks will be reserved for SC/ST entrpreneurs.( So the problem with this is we still recognise SC/ST as the low income groups, when this changes, oh boy.)
-All ration card holders to get co-optex coupons worth Rs. 500 for Pongal festival. ( This is going to reach us, soon. For sure.)
- Free Wifi at public spaces. ( I appreciate this, but when we don't have free food, water, shelther or clothing for those who actually require it, what good is free wifi? We live in a third world country, let's not forget that.)
- Divide districts futher based on population. ( I have no idea where this is heading toward.)
- Omnipresence of tamils and blossoming of collective society, I'm afraid doesn't go hand in hand.

Some of the good policies:
- Rs. 40,000 crore loans for farmers in 2016-2021.
- Relief for fisherfolk to be increased to Rs. 5000.
- Separate housing for fisherfolk.
- Famers loans to be paid Cooperative banks completely waived off.
- Education loans of students who are still unemployed to be paid by the govt.
- Separate Agricultural Budget.
- TASMAC employees to be given alternative employment.
- Employment camps in all districts.
- First generation graduates to get first preference for government jobs.
- Revamp the current syllabus to CBSE standards or higher.
- Administration of Justice without political involvement.
- Priority to ancient Tamil sports.
- People's court formation.
- Establishing basic healthcare and access to all sections of the society.

One might ask who I am to say all this, I am no one, which makes me all the more powerful. I am one among millions wanting change, I am one among few bothering and believing it will be fulfilled. Everyone is entitled tot their opinion and I am not afraid to voice out mine

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