06 May, 2016

24. Comeback of sorts.

24 is a sci-fi thriller that dabbles time travelling  in way that's easily understandable.
This film is a comeback of sorts for Suriya who has given an outstanding performance without a doubt. Suriya's negative role gives us the chills.

24 is yet another film that talks about time travel, but what makes it standout is it's screenplay and entertaining cliffhangers. Credit has to be given the writer and director Vikram Kumar.

Notable performances have been given by Nithya Menen, Samantha, Saranya, Ajay and Girish Karnad.

Suriya plays three roles, one as Sethuram, the scientist who is the brother of Athreya, the second avatar and the last, Mani, son of Sethu.

The VFX and colour throughout the film was pleasing. Naan Un was a treat to watch.
Kaalam en Kadhali played games with our minds for the good reasons, while Mei Nigara captured the usual Tamil film's requirements.

The let down for the film was some of the scenes between Suriya and Samantha which could have been sliced by a few seconds to save the chemistry between the two.  A tad bit of emotional drama could have been avoided along with the line, "Naan oru watch mechanic. Idhu ellam ennaku sarva sadharanam". Just about 7-8 times lesser than we heard.

Logic flowed into every scene and none seemed unnecessary. A major plus for the film is the film's cinematography.

This film is going to inspire many to make their own "time travel watches". This can be a good thing too.

Value for money: 4.5/5 Sathyam popcorns and 180 Rupees.

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