19 April, 2016

20 different kinds of people on your Snapchat:

1. The one with an open heart : Someone who puts a story of everything dead, alive, barely living.

2. The one with the traveller: Someone who keeps posting videos and photos of them 'going places' with the speed-o-meter stamp.

3. The one with the socialite: Someone who meets everyone everyday.

4. The one with the party animal: Someone who constantly posts videos from parties and drunk night.

5. The one with the foodie: Someone who posts photos that makes you crave food in the middle of the night.

6. The one with the confusing life: Someone whose photos makes no sense what so ever.

7. The one with the filter checker: That one soul that checks out every filter before anyone else.

8. The one with the video manager: Someone who takes a video of everything.

9. The one with the laughter syndrome: The one whose video is of them laughing for god knows what reason.

10. The one with the time stamp-er : Person who displays utmost coolness by getting back home at 4 am.

 11. The one with house party : This calls for poker, game night, booze and videos of laughter.

12. The one with the sleepover: The retarded one at a sleepover covering everything that's happening.

13. The one with the artist: Someone who displays their daily artifact.

14. The one with the Nature enthusiast: Someone who captures only scenic beauty.

15. The one with your private everyday story: When your bestfriend sends you ugly selfies.

16. The one with the weirdness: Someone who scares you in the middle of the night with their weirdness.

17. The one with the movie: Someone who makes proper sense and almost a movie our of their story.

18. The one with the sneak peek: Someone who keeps you on the hook with just a second of their story.

19. The one with the midnight rides: We get this? Videos of cool ass rides in the middle of the night.

20. The one with the most annoying: Posts with bae everyday, bae is life.

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