05 October, 2011

The Moments (the vetti scene)

There are a few moments in life. The moments when you realise something, Something which are so clear and you wonder why you didnt see them before.
Those are not the moments I am blogging about now. There are other moments when you know something but you are unable to tell others for the sake of courtesy.

Sometimes I feeling like telling someone, well more of, walking them up from the their dream. They seem to be portaying a totally different person from who they are. I feel like screaming "Can you ever stop?". But you cant go tell them that, Why? Its called being a bitch. Well its not being a bitch its about stopping a person being something they are not. It irritates me beyond reparable stage.

These moments are awake when I see someone eating curd rice with chopsticks. Seriously woman, stop. Or when a person dresses up in insane clothes calling it style, Going to a match JUST to be on TV, Some person would have probably never watched a football match in their life but talking like they are a football pro. First, be PROUD of whatever you are. Respect yourself.
Im sounding serious now a days :O

I for one am a drama queen I accept that. You are what you are. Take nothing that changes that. I started not knowing how to start. I end with the same thought of not knowing how to end.

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