18 September, 2011

16 :)

I have like every girl wanted to be sixteen for the past sixteen years
But what i would do afterwards I didn't think of.

This is going to be very thoughtful and all that, So if you are not in the mood to hear shoo away.
What have i learned in this sixteen years?
One for each year :

~You can live without anyone.
~Life is better when you decide you don't care.
~Its good to ignore.
~It feels great to share things.
~Never be in loan.
~If some one is ignoring you, don't give a shit.
~Talk to everyone, never leave anyone feel lonely.
~Be true to your heart.
~If you don't like some one, don't go stick to them.
~There will be people who you dont like, that does not mean you ignore them.
~Weird is not something, Its how you choose to look at something.
~Only the people who smile randomly know what it feels like, smile more life will be better because a smile is worth a million words.
~When something can be done in the simple way, try to find the simpler way and do it. Do not try to be macho and try doing it the hard way. You are just wasting time.
~Its FUN to fight. try it.
~Don't buy friends. Earn them. Its an insult to buy friends. The ones who you earn are the people who are going to travel with you your whole life with you through hard and good times.
~ Its better to tell people what you feel rather than building it up inside you.

That is all Folks :]

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