28 August, 2011

Music - The invisible world one fails to see.

Music- the thing which makes me happy, hyper and the person i am. Its the sweetest escape, a drug you can hold on happily forever. A smile just crops up when you hear something so beautiful.
Music says the words we are too afraid to speak out loud. It finds its way out no matter how hard you try to hide it.It is always there and will always remain to be in the place called 'there'. You can keep creating different kinds of music as every little change to a note is an art of its own. There is no good music and bad music after all its an expression of the humans, a mere echo of one's feeling.

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman. - Beethoven

And he struck fire within every man and brought tear from every woman who ever came across the bars of beautifully arranged notes.

Music is your own thoughts, your own experience, feel it, embrace it with both hands wide open and live with it. Music is easy to play but hard to feel yet once you feel it, it never leaves you. Music is the one language that fails to express something that is mean or sarcastic, filling the air with poetry of a kind. The one thing that adds the beauty to any kind of music is the pauses between the notes.

Music is

` the one thing no one can resist

` one thing that can energize one in the most saddest day.

` When you put your head phones on and sing along.

` heavenly yo hear in the worst of times.

` tear breaking

` a part of every language and every religion.

` what you listen to and not what you merely hear.

` what you create not spoof.

` the silent words you hear as a tune.

` something which can make a corpse dance. ( Left to me I would dance )

` the one thing that gives you a great feeling after LISTENING to.

` something which spreads a smile on every person's face.

` the language understood by all.

` something which one cant resist tapping the foot to.

` the best word created by man.

` all around you.

` creates peace.

` a combination of notes which are pleasant to hear.

` written or oral signs representing composition.

` a language of its own kind.

ITS AWESOME because if it wasn't, you would have had the patience to read this.
Music is something which never fails to make me happy and I hope it has the same effect on you at least after reading this. Feel it. Live with it.

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