28 August, 2011

My 'Quotes' - Part ONE

Some words just flow from somewhere into your mind.
These are some of those flowing moments. I think most of them are mine. You never know which is yours as some sentence you read somewhere would have gone right into the mind and you just think its yours. Some of them are not all that good but to identify the good ones you need to have some bad ones, Right? And by the way, This is all copyrighted. Any resemblance as I said is not intended. Don't use these lines as pick up dialog(s), That just insults me. Some day a few year later Some soul i hope would quote me and say one of the following lines.
Here it starts.

Ok after the photo.

` Like me for who I am, Not who you want me to be.

` Love rocks because we(ve) are in it.

` You irritate me, bug me, drive me crazy, maybe that why I am in love with you.

` Its best to cry when it rains.

` You are too pure for this wicked world.

` Life is good if another life wants you to live, love.

` Mad things happen when boredom gets over'board'.

` Pity PITY before PITY pities you.

` When boredom hacks her memory chip.

` Lack of concentration is a result of high distraction.

` Boredom sets on as fun evacuates.

` Love seems more electrified than current

` Senses get rules out when love takes over you.

` Love cant hurt you.

` With a twinkle of your eye you make me wonder who I am.

` When our eyes meet, my heart goes through free fall.

` I love you too much to sleep during the night and even if I do, i dream about you.

` A band on friendship day is not the only thing that proves our friendship.

` You do thing that i don't like, but yes I love you because you do those things.

` Humiliation is a step ahead of embarrassment.

` Restless of my mind, a result of your smile.

` Your voice echoes in my mind all day.

` Your smile is worth a thousand words.

` I experience bathroom singing with shower effect.

` You had to be MY Mr. perfect not letting me to concentrate on anything but you.

` An 'I love you' never tires any one.

` Music lives in every soul.

` When you look me in the eye, I loose track of time.

` Everything is all right when you are by my side.

` Love never dies, only the partner changes.

That is all Folks.
In the first part :P

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