10 July, 2011

Chennai- You got to know it to understand.

Photo 1: Vadai (Local Food)

Photo 2: Working at the Marina (World's Second Longest Beach) Photo Courtesy : Suriya Rn

Photo 3: Crow (Kaka) Photo Courtesy: Suriya Rn

Photo 4: St. Thomas Church

Photo 5: Rain in chennai (Mazhai)

Photo 6: Napier Bridge

Photo 7: Simpsons Clock Circle, Marina Beach Road.

Photo 8: Chennai Cricket Stadium, M. A. Chidhambharam (Chepauk)

Photo 9 : Kathipara Junction

Photo 10 : Karl Schmidt Memorial, Ellitos BEach

Photo 11: Filter Coffee (filter kappi)

Photo 12 : Chennai in the real sense

Photo 13: Guindy National Park

Photo 14: Ranjinikanth (God)

Photo 15: Egmore Railways Station

Photo 16: Auto rickshaws

Photo 17 :Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman (Allah Rakkha Rahman) Formerly known as Dileep Kumar

Photo 18 :Madras War Cementery Photo Courtesy : Navneeth Balachanderan

Photo 19 :Edited by Srivatchala Muthusamy

Inspired by the spirit of the people, the surrogate culture, sense of humor and of course their big hearts :)

For a Chennaitte these small things are a very touching and a close to the heart acts:

> Sitting in the "Kutti Chevuru" of the Somasundaram ground
> Playing cricket all day long
> Going to the Marina Beach
> Enjoying the hot Bajji (local food) in the rain
> Turning a blind eye to the traffic signals
> Praying for a rain holiday
> Littering anywhere, any time
> Eating Pani Puri in a roadside shop
> Standing in the queue for a Ranjinikanth movie
> Shooting films at the Napier Bridge
> Mumbling an A.R.Rahman song
> Having dosa at Kaiendhi Bhavan
> Facebooking, Everyday
> Standing in a really hugeee line for entering into the M.A.Chidambaram (Chepauk) to watch a cricket match.
> Jumping onto the foot board of a bus
> Repeating Rajinikath's punch lines
> Thiruvalluvar's words of wisdom
> Painting pumpkins with tongues sticking out
> Having Filter Coffee (Filter Kaappi)
> Enjoying Rain like no other city
> Screeching Auto rickshaws
> Loud street Vendors
> Saying 'Nanbaen da' ( Your my friend)
> Playing games such as Kabadi, Mankatha, Pallanguzhi (Indegenous games)
> Going for Marghazhi maha Utsavs (Cultural programmes conducted during December)
> Speaking Tanglish

There is this notion that Tamilians suck and we are head weight people and what not. Dude seriously think again. We belong to India too, we are what you are. You are a crook we are crooks As simple as that.

Besides Tamil is one of the oldest language in the world. We are proud of what we are. Too bad if you do not like it

Yes we Tamils love to talk in Tamil just to annoy you if you do not know Tamil. Don't you love to annoy other people when the don't know your language. That does NOT mean that we will ignore you. We do not talk Hindi all the time in Chennai, It may be the National language, we Tamilians are proud of our language and we beg to shoot down on people against us talking in Tamil. Speaking Hindi is NOT an offence. It is like watching a Telugu movie in Mumbai, AWKWARD. Saying no one talks English in Chennai is such an understatement. Even the beggar knows basic word in English. Saying you cannot survive without Tamil in Chennai is again a plain white lie. Yes our boards have Tamil words written on them but I think you are missing the bolder and larger English text on top. Yes our auto rickshaw guys are crooks. They may ask you for three times the money. Nothing is perfect. So shut it. Start learning Tamil. you would love it in here. Give it a try :)

There is another 'notion' that Chennai is 'polluted'. The government of India along with me and a lot of people beg to differ.

(Annual average concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter)

Sl. No. Cities Name Annual Average in µg/m3
1 Jharia 261
2 Ludhiana 254
3 Khanna 249
4 Delhi 243
5 Ghaziabad 236
6 Kanpur 211
7 Gobindgarh 206
8 Lucknow 197
9 Amritsar 190
10 Gwalior 187
11 Firozabad 187
12 Kolkata 187
13 Agra 185
14 Indore 183
15 Ranchi 182
16 Jamshedpur 172
20 Allahabad 160
28 Bangalore 122
36 Navi Mumbai 111
37 Mumbai 109
45 Talcher 104
50 Visakhapatnam 97
51 Ahmedabad 95
52 Surat 91
53 Kota 91
54 Amravati 90
69 Pune 82
70 Salem 82
71 Chandigarh 81
72 Hydrabad 80
73 Vijaywada 80
80 Bhubaneshwar 75
81 Gulbarga 74
82 Coimbatore 74
85 Solapur 71
86 Chennai 70
88 Trivandrum 65

AND WHERE IS CHENNAI 86th position looks like we arent the most polluted.
Source :

And the weather of the city is not something we can exactly control is it? After all heat is part of the world. The monsoon pattern doesnt not touch chennai until almost October when the clouds barely have a few drops. We do have malls, probably best ones in India, check your sources before stepping foot in some other land rather than complaining about the city without knowing about it. YES some of our roads ARE crowded, This is India, the second largest populated country WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? This is the land of Rajinikanth fans, Saying his name would get you out of trouble here. Yes we rule. But at the same time you are always welcome here. Its not like we are going to shoot you down :) Bottom line : You insult us, we insult you. You be good to us we will be good to you as SIMPLE as THAT.

A Blend of Old and new, fashion and tradition, Music and Dance, Pants and Dresses, Male and Females, Rajini and God, love and more love, pride and fall, plane and train, email and letters, Goundamani and Senthil, Nagesh and Santhanam, Surya and Jyothika ....That's Chennai for you.

These DEFINE Chennai my love.. En kaadhal
My Power, My City
My Pride, and the HEAVEN on Earth.
There are some thing that words cant convey and hence the pictures :)

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