10 December, 2011

'Why this Kolaveri di' to why this kolaveri di?

One word I as a tamizhan have been using all my life now.
Usually to portray the feeling of backstabbing and rage, now is a national rage. The song is MASS, says everyone. I like it too. for that matter two months before the official release, thanks to my brother i heard it when it leaked in the net. I said WHY THIS KOLAVERI when my brother refused to let me go without hearing the whole song. Didn't like it.
second time. Didn't like it.
third time still didn't like it.
FOURTH TIME. Viola! Loved it. It must be jinxed.
And then i heard it for days to go. without a break and till three weeks it got boring.
It still is namma song (our song). Tamizhan da!. Its kind of nice when i hear a few certain north Indians pronouncing the Tamil words hear and there and trying to ding the aalap in the end. How ever bored i am of the song it still doesn't hurt to hear it once a day and that for a song is actually pretty good. I still love it nevertheless. Proof me blogging about it.

Inset : Dhanush (black shirt), Shruti haasan (actress) and Anirudh Ravichander (blue shirt).

The fact that Dhanush sang the song makes me want to listen to it just one more time and the other fact that the music director Anirudh Ravichander studied in my school just tops that.
The language, english helps it cross boundaries. Like all Dhanush songs this too has stuck the cord.
There may be the female version to it. Sonu nigam's son Neevan singing it ( SUCH a CUTIE PIE ), the japanese weirdo dancing for it, hitler getting angry for it, Sharad Pawar SLAP song, exam verion, marathi version, mamma vandhu paadungo version and even the chipmunk version but the orginal beats all.

People saying 'Babbbbaa' for Mamma ( refers to uncle, but used as Buddy too)
and for pa pa pa pa. baaau bau bau bau bam . Beats me.
My favourite part in the song:

the pa pa pa pa! pa pa pa. Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa! part


Empty life-u girl-u come-u
Life-u reverse-u gear-u!.

For the people who haven't heard it yet. *GASPS*
Hear it now :): LINKING YOU,

Musically Yours,
Smruthi Rangarajan
Treble talks.

I know, too formal to be me. :P Believe it or not its me.
And this was a flop song. Soup song for soup boys alright.

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