07 April, 2011

Just Yesterday

I start typing without knowing what to type what not to type. what to leave out.It seems as if I am typing the same sentence.I t seems as if I am typing the same sentence.But I will try my best to write down almost everything I remember.

Let's rewind shall we? :)

The journey of the A 's
Beware this is long but entertaining.
It fells like just yesterday: (add it to every sentence)
Sharath , gokul and I stepped into this scholl at the same time
I felt relived to see a familair face of Vignesh among my new class
Arudhra did something and all of us got hit on our knuckles
Vivek would crack a joke which wasnt very funny by the way and I would burst out laughing
we went duck walking in the swimming pool
we were happy that Hepsiba maam left to Muscat
Anketa and Sushmitha threatened to kiss Akshay of 10 c. :P
Arudhra stole my pencil box
we ran around the class making a hell lot of noise bringing the roof down when we did nothing all day as we had no class teacher for almost 2 months
a female called Akshaya scared me with her brown teeth and Red hair (she still gives me chills)
Subramaniam (god yur name is long) joined school
Amritha told us she wasnt taking sides in the big fight among the girls
Subu had a clown make up put on his face by his sister for some play
Subu asked the Vedic Heritage teacher where Surpanaka's nose fell.
Ganesh joined our class
Arudhra left school.
SAnkrit student joined us and vishnu stayed in the same class and still took sanskrit.
i had sat next to Vishnu and he had won this huge cup for some chess championship
we had so much fun at Sumithra maam class
Adithya and Anirudh had caaleed Anusha Chandramukhi
Ap Jp and PP were formed
Anusha Nandita and i were best buddies.
I was part of the bad sama without me being informed :P
Aayush Adithya MAruthi Nikita Sushmitha and i had fun when the others rotted in Anniversary practice
Sushmitha twisted her foot .again.
we watched the movie with the clown fish i forgot the name something starting with S i suppose when the others rotted in anniversary pratice (emphasis on the last two words)
Rishab-h had his first crush :P
Ashwanth and Rishab-h made up the song Lilly bali..
Akshay joined school
Akshay wore the same old blue shirt the whole week and sat next to ashwanth
we had another coackroach party :P
Aravind lifted Ashwanth against the wall holding him by the neck. :O
Adithya would mae us watch Ramayana every free period
Adithaya and rahul would tell every idalog of ramayana after the movie. :| (pain in the ass)
I wrote the "note" to Nikita which ashwanth took blackmailed and lost.
HArini gave a bouqet of flower to sumithra maam when she left school which i bought.
Nikita went to the Vice Principal's office everyday as we dropped our beches and our class was above her office.
HArini left school
Aravind left school
Annapoorni began to teach us.
Mahathi said "Shadduupp"
No matter how much anyne scholded Ganesh he would simply smile showing all his teeth Literally :)
we had farewell practice in the 3rd floor language room
Manju maam gave us some free period of games and sometimes joined us too
we fought for the bigger room in the 3rd floor with the boys
I missed the eighth standrad farewell
Parvathy fell down when we yelled "SURPRISE" at her party
Anirudh and Rahul composed the song Gopala.
Pranathi would pour water on a/dithya's chair and he would pour water on her every DAY.
Sharath NIshanth Vignesh Adithya and I would sing Boulevard of Broken dreams and Smack that All the time and in the case of Adithya he brayed.
I was called Don for some Random reason
Adithya left school and we waited in the second floor with blurred vision
ANirudh and Vishnu threw paper balls at my hair. EVERY DAY.
I was named Voww -Voww Bru smru and Smru by Vishnu.
Rishab-h and vishnu would make Anjana and I laugh so much , we would amlost pass out.
I fought with Rishab-h a million times :)
Kallar, well it cant be explained in words.
Vanchi was called VUACHI.
Anjana, nandita , mahathi, sharath, aayush,vignesh and i had fun at voleybal not at all times :P
Anusha gotfucked up by Vrs
Senthil would help me with every suma t Prema's
Rishab-h would annoy me EVERYDAY.
we poured water
Guys played football with the bottle in the lunch break
Akshay would shout random stuf like Uppilatha ammbila, naan oru mukku nonndi, black magic and Suck da yu
Bharani wrote the "poem"
we had the christmas choir play practice at my house except we did nothing but play foor ball Vishnu 7 goals me- 4 (2 fluke) and sanjeev 2.
Anjana would sleep throught the school time
ANusha would not close her mouth
Bharanai would be his normal cutie :)
Maruthi would shout randm stuff like Gaja GAja at the most un appropirate times
Anitha would call sum guy kanna.
we played dumsharads in coorg dometries
Sushmitha anusha and i ghad our tell all session and whenever we stopped whispering anketa would get up and say we are trying to sleep here :P
Sushmitha and pranathi would never stop laughing that night in the coorg dometeries
some of us had gone for the harry potter movie
some of us went to Pizza hut where Ln broke the glassAkshay and Anirudh had stared "producing" black magic. (gah im tired of those two words)
Akshay got me duck out 6 times. (how the hell did yu do that?)
I started typing this note
the projector was out in the Courtyard again for some ga that we didnt care about
Rama took our games periods
slpet through the english classes
we played hangman and Anirudh would guess faster than any else.
We had super fun at Anusha's house during the play practice
we walked to anusha's house
Bharani was named Choolai Ganesha
Akshay wasted a piece of ANusha's amazing cAke. :| (dude, that was not cool)
I missed another group picture
Nikita was named Gym Body
Nishanth enlightened us with his Kolgal and athan avasiyam
Senthil told me his GRandfather and neil amstrong were best buddies
we blamed harini for everything (Boy. i hoe she is not reading this.)
Anajana and i wrote C++ in a tissue paper :P
we ran for games
We played Quadrapiles
I played a games of foot ball with the guys
Anketa got hit by the shuttle . Again. and Again and again
sushmitha got caught for her nail while i always escaped
Akshay annoyed seeing my nails (dude its mine. why are yu so bothered?)
I had private lessons of Anajana's concerts ( i would never pay for them)
We struggles to play a game of Current pass, Gs kept ruining our attempts
Anketa was there for yu no matter what
You could depend on Parvathy any day :)
NAndita well she was nandita, HYPER.
Nikita, she would bee my homework person :P :)
Vishnu my brother :)
Arjun, yu can depend on him any day :)
Anjana would be the catcher to everygame of London Kundan Statue because she would start laughing if yu stare at her for 2 seconds :P
we did the mexican Wave
we planned to go to wired, hey that was yesterday. oh im bac to the present.

This is not all you guys made me feel yu guys made me feel at home too, If i hadn't mentioned yu anywhere, i have surely mentioned yu in we :P :) if i havent tagged sum1 please do tag that person, im sorry. My hand is dead.
These nine years have been quite an unforgattable experience

P.S : I Love you :)

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