24 August, 2010

Steps to a new road

Inspired by "The Road not taken"

One photo i was not able to upload : Now for the Poem.

Walking was I though the path of life-
where the grass grew along the side,
and the pebbles pushed down by my foot
went deep down the soil to hide.

Looking back at the path I strolled;
I found my footprints imprinted,
I had left a mark behind-
A mark to be inculcated.

The mark was as deep as the pebble went,
Thats how deep words go in the heart.
I felt the need to choose the words right-
The need to play my part.

Thinking about the path i walked-
Coming to my mind, the many marks,
I took the step to follow them,
which started a new life with sparks

Sparks were they of a new beginning-
A better understanding to thyself,
A new meaning to Sun and Rain,
Indeed, a new meaning to myself.

The new beginning had a impact
Making the brightest sunlight brighter,
Changing was it everything-
Changing even the touch of rain lighter.

That little step had made all the difference.
It had made me who I was-
It did have an impact on me,
I had changed for a good cause.

- Treble Trouble


~ M@|v!k@ ~ said...

Smruuu !!! This is awesome ! :)

Through the magnifying glass said...

Mk. Yeaaa Rightt..Always the humble one rn't yu..Nothing compared to yurs :) All from yu BRAIN I mean =) ;)