18 April, 2016

Decoding Iraivi Teaser and Trailer

With electrifying music taking over our breathing patterns, it's safe to guess that SJ Surya is paired with Kamalinee Mukharjee in a middle class family, Vijay Sethupathy with Anjali in a lower middle class family and Bobby Simha with Pooja Devariya in a more sophisticated living situation. It seems as though the film spans over a period of years as we see the trio dancing at Vijay Sethupathy's wedding reception while another shot suggests his happy life with his kid. The plot seems to revolve around SJ Surya, Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Simha and around their individual lives and how a 'plan' to steal or do something to receive money is carried out. Some of the dialogues suggests that the film would focus on elevating the image of women in this film. That said and done this still remains to be a Karthik Subbaraj film and one cannot anticipate the twists this genius can think of! It's going to be interesting how Karunakaran, Radha Ravi and Vadivukarasi contribute to this film. One couldn't go wrong with Santhosh Narayanan as his work and as far as the trailer is concerned, exceeds the bars he has set previously, and that's saying a lot. Editing of the trailer has been tremendous and the act of adding subtitles for the benefit of the larger audience is much appreciated.

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