28 December, 2011

Under the umbrella

A poem on rain because like all, I love rain. That's not all, the connection i feel with rain is just impeccable. After all my name means RAIN :D

Its under the umbrella for a reason. It signifies my point of view and not the rain's point of view and hence from under the umbrella my voice.

Why the umbrella, you might ask, for me an umbrella made more sense than a raincoat. Now for the main stuff the poem:

The heart wanders like a kite,
Stuck in cool breeze,
Awaiting the clouds might,
Swaying along with the trees.

Smile approaches ones face,
For waiting long in grilling heat.
The drizzle builds up its pace,
As the heart skips its beat.

The then calm breeze turns intense,
As the sky lights up its lamp,
The twinkle of the eye, hence
the wind, oh so damp.

Raindrops trickle down my window pane,
escorted by the smell of mud and specks of water,
All representing hope and humane,
the reasons for ringing laughter.

Puddles of water struck by ripples,
formed by the ongoing phenomenon, rain-
and as the bliss doubles,
all there is left is gain.

Dribble of rain forms a rhythm,
As it flows to join the river,
Instills a sense of freedom-
A lesson learnt from the shower.

At the end, the river trickles down to the sea,
Down the tree trunks, off the leaves,
Down the mountain, spreading glee.
A beautiful picture it does weave.

The journey of the rain is to be remembered,
right from the cloud to the ground
for my heart, it has conquered,
With the beating of a new life it had found.

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