10 April, 2010

Story of a Girl

n angel brought down from heaven-
To earth, is a girl child
Born at the call of the morning seven,
Touch those tiny fingers so mild.

Dressed in bright baby pink,
she hops around happily,
in every bloke's mind; her beauty does sink
as she grows up swiftly.

As a young girl she does blather
Her innocence still glowing
Her age, it does matter,
As her thoughts are indeed blazing.

A young women, she beautifies the angel
on her are the eyes of every bloke.
Admiring her graze, with her they do mingle
on their graze they do choke.

Her beauty drives her for marriage
when she meets her Mr. Perfect- And
she drives away with him in a carriage,
Life is half done when they go hand in hand.

She glows with something beyond happiness
as she is blessed with an angel.
The baby girl is also joyous
as she grows up to break the shell.

Lady's years pass quicker,
as her daughter grows up into a fine little girl,
the years have rolled, the lady has got sicker
and the girl has grown into a beautiful pearl.

The lady's history repeats for her daughter
as the pearl grows out of the oyster,
and the lady's life grown shorter,
the daughter's Mr. Perfect, a handsome mister.

The marriage becomes a grand event;
the bride looking acme,
as many a penny spent
And Happiness in front of them lay.

Old folks say history repeats itself
as for the lady now, she is dead,
the daughter, will not pity herself
for the lady now rests in bed.

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