09 December, 2009

The Walk I shall never forget

The sound of the rain accompanied by-
The noise of our shoes hitting the ground
And the presence of you beside me, proved that
We were walking toward the life we found.

Holding hands firmly,we walked swiftly towards
The untraveled new path of marvels,
The path seems to be a Boulevard of ardor
The further we go the further it unravels.

I feel like a queen and you look like a king,
This wide beautiful path,I dream is a palace
No, its not a PALACE its a PARADISE,
A paradise in which I fell complete solace.

I love everything around me,especially you,
I walk further with a smile on my lips and a tear on my eye
We walk together for hours and miles
I wounder who you are, you are the perfect guy.

This day, is just acme,
The stars shining brightly, the rain pouring heavily,
The droplets of tear and rain rolling down my cheek
All of this is nothing compared to you, baby

The time you are spending for me makes me cry,
For all you know I'm in love with you,
And to see that the path is abruptly ending
Tells me its time for a sad good bye!

Goodbye my love, stay forever mine
We shall meet again tomorrow at nine.