30 November, 2009

Friends. The Fact

What is a friend. THE WAY I SEE IT.

* Friends are not just some people who walk into your life. Friends are people who ae specially choosen to BE in your life.

* Stepping stones may be the secret for success but a friend is a milestone every human's life.

* People say, " Behind every man's success, there is a woman" and "Behind every woman's success, there is a man". I can say for sure that the man or the woman would definitely be his/her friend.

* A friend may not be your All Time Money but he/she will surely be your All Time Fun provider.

*Your sibling may know you longer, but remeber this your friend knows you better than enyone else in this damned world( i.e if you are not an ALIEN trying to invade earth).

* The only person who can make you smile even in the worst days of your life is your FRIEND.

*There can be people without family but there is no one without a friend.

*Going the shakesphere way, thy shall exist till thou shall feel friendship. Sans memory.

* IN SHORT, Friends were, are and will be the only people you need in life for life.

- Treble trouble _*)